It's not gonna happen! Following up, he's very irrational when Violette wants him to have new shoes, which he does, but he wants the previous kind of shoes. Characters or things who have died in the Violette1st YouTube channel. He burnt his backpack (which he had had since 2nd grade), binder and pencil pouch. when he splashes a cup of water in William's face believing that he is still faking his ear infection. Okay!! Violette scolds anyone in her family for cussing, yet she was shown cussing in videos like "MOM GOES PSYCHO AND THROWS CLOTHES OFF ROOF!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL HIM IT WAS ON THE SEAT?!?! MOM LOSES IT OVER SON'S CHOICE IN SHOES!!! ", where Bill and Andy tie up William in a chair outside with duct tape and bring out his Xbox One S and burn and destroy it with an ax. He has a big rivalry with his father, sister, and sometimes his cousin, but mostly his father due to him being his arch-nemesis. - use subject to the practices disclosed in our privacy policy. NOW I'M GONNA BE GETTING MESSAGES ALL NIGHT!! ), "I'm gonna turn off your phone. Examples include when he orders his parents to do something for him in a rude way, like when he wants Violette to make him food or take him out to eat, he would say something like "Make me some food!" !, after Violette's original plan was to go to the light show, and acts like a spoiled child with no regard to the fact that they might miss the show. Bill is also very immature and childish despite the fact he is a middle aged man as shown in FURIOUS FATHER BURNS PC where he didn't let William and Violette finish watching the video where William burns his dad's laptop just because he didn't want to watch it and burns the PC in a childish way, another example is SON GLUES DADS BUTT TO TOILET SEAT!!! GET AWAY!!! He is irredeemable since he hardly cares about anyone but himself and refuses to share anything with anyone. WILLIAM LOSES IT OVER ANDY'S XBOX ADDICTION!!! I CAN'T BLEEP! !, when Violette made William a salad for the start of his dinner before a meal, William didn't appreciate the fact his mother made him a salad because he hates salads and comments that salads are disgusting, even though salads are healthy and Violette wants him to be healthy. Hurry up, I'm starving!!" I'm not listening to you! You won't spend more time with us. !, Bill tells Violette that William is "faking" an ear infection, when in reality, he does have an ear infection, however, Bill doesn't believe any of this. William and Lucy do this to each other when Lucy drops William's Xbox One in the ocean as revenge for ruining her birthday in "LUCY THROWS WILLIAM'S XBOX IN A RIVER!!!". It is heavily implied that he killed someone in the past. I'm doing McDonald's. ", "HE DON'T DESERVE THIS! ", "You may have won the battle, BUT YOU DIDN'T WIN THE WAR!!! There were some parts where he was threatened with a divorce after he and Andy destroyed William's Xbox One S with William tied up to a chair in "GREATEST XBOX ONE S DESTRUCTION EVER!!!". (RAGE) when he lies to William and Violette and the water supply power box being outside of the house after shutting off the water supply, just so he can use the shower and lies about things he did when found guilty by blaming Andy for certain things that Andy dislikes on multiple occasions such as drinking and gambling even if Andy is innocent or not present. Andy is shown to participate in family time. I GOTTA POOP!!! Doesn't he know we cook dinner and we eat together? !, a 2017 video, he refused to get a new pair of shoes even though the shoes he had were falling apart. ", "WHAT'S OKAY?! An example includes when he gets Domino's Pizza in DOMINO'S $7.99 DEAL GONE WRONG!!! IT'S A SANSUI!! ", "You gotta stop taking the vehicle jerk! There's Something Wrong with Violette1st, and I don't know what it is. where Violette wanted him to get new clothes and during their mall shopping night, William refused to let Violette buy him at least one new piece of clothing. ", "A pack of gum?? William is shown to not care, nor show remorse for his family, or when he destroys stuff. I'M SO TIRED!!! William stands out the most, given his selfish, immature, rude, disrespectful, and destructive personality, he's perfectly good at acting the complete opposite of good behavior. He seemed to be talking in a slightly more depressed tone. NOW I HAVE TO PULL UP THE TABS AGAIN!!! He states that they're "valuable". They decided to visit William's grave. He knew I was gonna take a shower, so he jumps right in front of me! when he refused to eat bread crusts especially since he's in high school now (he was 15 years old in that video) which at his age he should get used to eating bread crusts because he isn't 10 years old anymore. Or when he refuses to listen to Violette when she wanted Bill to stay in the living room while William cooks the pancakes, Bill denies her request and continues to check on William to see if he is cooking the pancakes correctly. I already lost the game because of you. But that didn't stop there. "If you don't come down here! ), "I'M NOT WATCHING CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!! You wouldn't even eat a salad! They're nice shoes though! Gimme that game jerk! ", "William, you like those triple cheeseburgers. ", "Don't worry. I just wanna freaking WIN! He actually believed a troller on eBay was going to pay them over $70,900 (KID LOSES IT OVER BID TROLLER ON EBAY!!!). But William doesn't understand his age difference and maturity, which frustrates Violette. What are you doing?! Birth Sign Libra. ", "WHY DID YOU EAT A FEW PIECES OF MY CANDY? ", "You spoil him rotten and it's gotta stop, it's just causing problems in his life because you spoil him. HE FREAKING SLAMMED CAKE IN MY FACE!!! (Prank). ", "Good luck playing your Xbox without a controller! WILLIAM DESTROYS THE VACUUM CHAMBER!!! However, he is sometimes praised for recognizing that William is spoiled, and is shown to be somewhat cared about by fans, who in some video's comments, express concern over his health. ", "This is what I get for doing him a favor! Bill is shown to be defiant such as when he doesn't listen to Violette or William, like the time when Violette wants him to turn back on the water supply to let William finish showering, but he refuses to turn it on for William. ", "IF YOU THINK I'M BUYING AN $80 PAIR OF SHOES, YOU'RE CRAZY!! Lucy is extremely selfish and thinks that she's the most famous character on the channel and mostly thinks about herself more than her family, sometimes her son Zachary. HAVE WE CRASHED YET?? We gotta start hiding our keys around this place. That's stealing, that's illegal. Not like "On the brink of Suicide" depressed, but at the same time, not sane. There was no sign of anyone else. About; ", "He's had the TV for a couple of hours. ", "GET THIS FREAKING PILLOW OUT OF THE WAY!!! VACUUM CHAMBER DESTROYS ZACHARY'S TOYS!!! (RAGE)", he was threatened with a divorce again, this time for not turning on the water supply for William. His catchphrases are '''"GET FREAKING REKT! He stars in a YouTube channel featuring a seemingly dysfunctional family, like Michael Green of The Angry Grandpa Show. William should be old enough to spell these easy words. (RAGE) when Bill mentioned how spoiled William is when he threw a fit over wanting Domino's Pizza, Bill also mentioned that all William wants is food that's bad for him, but Bill always wants unhealthy food too like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Big Macs from McDonald's and Whoppers from Burger King a lot. Violette1st on CN (December 27, 2021/MOCK) Questionmouse. (while talking about Burger King's whoppers), "You freaking jerk, you wrecked my truck! Eye color !, where he is seen wearing a new hoodie and not wearing Osiris shoes for the first time on video. He would usually throw a hissy fit or tantrum such as in WILLIAM'S PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY FREAKOUT!!! Yep, I've got them waiting on me hand and foot. He also doesn't get any sympathy when ever something bad happens to him. William happens to be resistant to change. In late 2018, after they uploaded "KID PICKAXES FORTNITE MONOPOLY BOARD GAME!!!" !, when William saw the new Comcast internet router/modem, he got so happy and shows his gratitude by giving Violette a hug for the new high speed internet. What did I do to you guys? The final image was the Violette family on their couch, but all drawn in hyper realistic, lifeless style of Williams corpse. It started with William. William goes psycho and shoots up and stabs tv over xbox, William and Lucy fight over William's wii video game system addiction, LUCY THROWS WILLIAMS PHONE IN CAKE BATTER, William Throws Temper Tantrum Because He Has To Do His Homework/Script, William and Lucy break laptop after fighting, Violette3rd/Blocked on the Mcjuggernuggets Wiki, William Throws Temper Tantrum Because He Has To Do His Homework. William is also hypocritical in WILLIAM FLIPS THE TABLE!!! Murder (implied but never confirmed)TerrorismTortureChild abuseArsonBlackmailTheftStalkingMutilationCheatingVandalismAssaultDisturbing the peaceReckless endangermentMass destructionKidnappingDeath threatsAnimal crueltyAttempted mass murder (possibly). YOU GONNA SIT HERE AND WASTE MY MONEY LIKE THAT?!! DON'T EVER DO A MORNING PRANK AGAIN!!! William "Bill" Anderson Sr. is the father of William and Lucy, the husband of Violette, uncle to Andy, grandfather to Zachary and the main antagonist of the Violette1st YouTube channel. WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!?! That doesn't matter?? (RAGE), William steals Bill's truck and his credit card to get GTAV after Bill forbids Violette and William to go out and have their mother and son night because Bill thinks Violette is coddling him and that she is gonna buy William GTAV instead of milk, William showed gratitude to Bill for buying him GTAV (even though William bought GTAV with Bill's credit card) and Bill was very angry aboutthis. YOU'RE GOING OUT TO BUY NEW DINNER JERK! Bill usually wants William to get off his Xbox and whenever William ignores him, Bill will turn off the internet which causes William to get really furious and makes him destroy some objects (including Bill's car, work tools, phone, etc.) ", "Let's go downstairs, you come in the house and you run straight for the Xbox! ", "AND YOU'RE JUST GONNA DISRESPECT ME LIKE THAT? Even though his foot did not get hurt, he tricks William and Violette into believing his foot is broken so he can relax in his chair all day and getting waited on. just because he says that they copied him. All he cares about is his Xbox, playing pranks, destroying objects, and eating unhealthy food. when William ruined Andy's cookout for. in UNGRATEFUL KID DESTROYS HIS NEW TV!!! Another trait of Bill's is that he's incredibly ungrateful, especially when William tries to make amends with him. There's a light right there! Scan this QR code to download the app now. to each other. What's wrong with you, jerk? Bill (2021) William Bill Anderson Sr. is the father of William and Lucy, the husband of Violette, uncle to Andy, grandfather to Zachary and the main antagonist of the Violette1st YouTube channel. ", "Can't you ever listen to us and work with us? He also isn't wrong about how his wife Violette. System restore didn't work, the entire computer had to be rebooted. When his family tells him to get off his Xbox and/or join them for family night, he would usually refuse, which irritates his family. Birthday October 4, 2001. Do Not Sell. In one episode, he attempts to murder dozens of people by taking things to the extreme and almost kills himself, William, Andy, Violette, Zachary, Lucy, and countless other people. The view zoomed out as the video came to a close. What is your problem? ", "She's babying you and that's what you are, she spoils you rotten! (Prank), BILL HAS FALLEN AND HE CANT GET UP!!! ", "You'll find out, you better go tell him. YOU KNOW I DON'T LIKE TOMATOES! However, as the plane was about 50 feet off the ground, William broke a window on the plane out of anger and was sucked out. ", "I'm going to write to the president of the Daylight Savings Association. I tried to open it on my now empty computer, and as I suspected, there was an episode of Violette1st on it. The picture of William's corpse was barely recognizable, they took full advantage of it not having to move, and made an almost photo-realistic drawing of his dead body. "GET REKT! Rotten Rebecca | (Bill referring to all 4 whoppers he bought in BILL AND WILLIAM"S WHOPPER FREAK-OUT), "That's good food!" Whatever it is. The quality started to decay even more as they cried, and you could hear murmuring in the background. I clicked on it, and a file started downloading. ", "I am playing the freaking game and I keep freaking losing and I can't freaking win! ", "WE'RE NOT WATCHING THE FREAKING MOVIE!!! ", "No! Please enjoy. !, he ordered Bill to give him a big Samsung 55 inch 4K QLED UHDTV after Bill purchased him a small Sansui TV, but Bill denied his demand. ", "YOU FORGOT YOU OWE ME A TV, DON'T YOU? does mic b12 need to be refrigerated,